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The getVersion() Method
public int getVersion()
The getVersion() method returns the version number of the cookie. A zero indicates that the
cookie is based on the original specification developed by Netscape. A one indicates the cookie
is based on the RFC 2109. getVersion() has no parameters and throws no exceptions.
It returns this value:
The setVersion() Method
public void setVersion(int value)
The setVersion() method sets the cookie protocol used when the cookie saves itself.
setVersion() returns no value and throws no exceptions.
It has one parameter:
The clone() Method
public java.lang.Object clone()
The clone() method returns a copy of this object. clone() has no parameters and throws no
It returns this value:
The HttpServlet Class
public class HttpServlet
extends javax.servlet.GenericServlet
The HttpServlet class is meant to simplify the writing of HTTP servlets. It extends the
GenericServlet class and implements the interface. The HttpServlet
class is an abstract class; therefore it cannot be instantiated directly. The HttpServlet class
has 11 methods, described in the following sections.
The HttpServlet() Method
public HttpServlet()
The HttpServlet() constructor is a default empty constructor. HttpServlet() has no parame-
ters, returns no value, and throws no exceptions.
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