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The isNew() Method
public boolean isNew()
The isNew() method returns true if the server has just created the session and the session has
not been acknowledged by the client. isNew() has no parameters and throws no exceptions.
It returns this value:
The setAttribute() Method
public void setAttribute(java.lang.String name)
java.lang.Object value)
The setAttribute() method binds the passed-in object to the passed-in string and puts the
object into the session. If an object in the session is already bound to the name, it is replaced.
setAttribute() returns no value and throws no exceptions.
It has two parameters:
The removeAttribute() Method
public void removeAttribute(java.lang.String name)
The removeAttribute() method removes the object from the current session that is bound to
the passed-in name. All objects implementing the HttpSessionBindingListener interface will
have their valueUnbound() methods called. removeAttribute() returns no value and throws
no exceptions.
It has one parameter:
The setMaxIntervalTime() Method
public void setMaxIntervalTime(int interval)
The setMaxIntervalTime() method sets the maximum interval between requests before a
server invalidates the session. setMaxIntervalTime() returns no value and throws no excep-
It has one parameter:
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