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It throws this exception:
The getWriter() Method
public getWriter()
The getWriter() method returns a print writer used for writing formatted text to the response
object. getWriter() has no parameters.
It returns this value:
It throws this exception:
The isCommitted() Method
public boolean isCommitted()
The isCommitted() method returns true if part of the response has already been sent.
isCommitted() has no parameters and throws no exceptions.
It returns this value:
The reset() Method
public void reset()
The reset() method empties the response buffer and clears the response headers. reset() has
no parameters, returns no value, and throws no exceptions.
The setBufferSize() Method
public void setBufferSize(int size)
The setBufferSize() method sets the size of the response buffer. setBufferSize() returns
no value and throws no exceptions.
It has one parameter:
The setContentLength() Method
public void setContentLength(int len)
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