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It returns this value:
The getServletName() Method
public java.lang.String getServletName()
The getServletName() method returns the registered servlet's name. getServletName() has
no parameters and throws no exceptions.
It returns this value:
The getInitParameter() Method
public java.lang.String getInitParameter(java.lang.String)
The getInitParameter() method returns a string containing the value of the initialization
parameter's name/value pair referenced by the passed-in string representing the name.
getInitParameter() throws no exceptions.
It has one parameter:
It returns this value:
The getInitParameterNames() Method
public java.util.Enumeration getInitParameterNames()
The getInitParameterNames() method returns an enumeration of strings representing all of
the initialization parameters' names. getInitParameterNames() takes no parameters and
throws no exceptions.
It returns this value:
The ServletContext Interface
public interface ServletContext
The ServletContext interface defines an object to be created by a servlet engine that contains
information about the servlet's environment. This interface provides several methods to access
this information.
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