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The Jakarta Project's home page.
You can choose to download either class files or source code.
When you have the file, decompress it to a local drive. For this text I am installing it to drive
C: , therefore my <SERVER_ROOT> directory is C:\jakarta-tomcat-3.2\ . If you have a later
version of Tomcat, your <SERVER_ROOT> could be different.
The next step is putting your JDK into the Tomcat's classpath. You do this by editing the
<SERVER_ROOT>/bin/tomcat.bat file and setting the JAVA_HOME environment variable to the
location of your JDK installation. For my installation I have added the following line to the
tomcat.bat file:
set JAVA_HOME= C:\java\jdk1.2.2\
Make sure this line is added before any references to JAVA_HOME .
To test your installation, start the Tomcat server by executing the startup.bat file and open
your browser to the following URL, substituting your server name:
You should now see a screen similar to Figure A.2.
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