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Wireless Session Layer (WSP) —Provides for two types of services, a connection mode
and a connectionless mode. The connection-oriented session includes the capability to
suspend and resume a transmission should a connection become intermittent; WSP
exchanges data with a server using a compressed, binary data format.
Wireless Application Environment (WAE) —Consists of four components: a micro-
browser, WML, WMLScript, and WTA (mentioned earlier in this chapter).
Emulators, Browsers, and Developer Tools
Because WAP does not use HTML and because WAP device displays can come in all shapes
and sizes, it is important that you gain access to as many emulators as possible to test your
application. This section will present a number of leading developer tools and emulators (both
online and offline). We will also discuss WAP/servlet support available in popular application
server products.
Keep in mind that although your application might run fine on device emulators, you should
always be sure to test your application thoroughly on real devices before deploying! Individual
devices are notorious for not quite implementing the WAP standard perfectly. In addition, most
developers cite WAP gateway problems as the number one hindrance to the successful delivery
and deployment of a WAP application.
Online Emulators
The simplest way to begin looking at WAP sites (and to test your own) is to make use of one of
the available online WAP emulators. YoSpace ( ) makes a range of desk-
top emulators and development tools as well as a Java applet for use by portals. WirelessDevNet.
com showcases the YoSpace WAP emulator product at
channels/wap/emulator/ for public use, as shown in Figure 23.1. Another online emulator for
public use is available from Visit (see Figure 23.2) and select
from a wide range of WAP emulators.
WinWAP Browser
The WinWAP browser is a useful Windows-based WAP browser available from Slobtrot in
Sweden. To download a demo copy of the browser, visit . This
browser is very useful as a desktop application because it functions like a standard Web
browser (see Figure 23.3).
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