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F IGURE 21.6
The Add View.
Now that you have an idea as to what the site is going to look like, let's add the functionality
to actually make it work. Your first steps in doing this are adding the necessary Service classes
that include your business logic. You will add three services. Each of these classes will imple-
ment the Service interface. The following sections describe each of these classes and where
they fit into your Web application.
The LDAPDirectory Service
The LDAPDirectory class, like all other service classes in your server-side model, implements
the Service interface. The implemented execute() method is where all of its major function-
ality exists. It starts its execution when a user selects the Directory link in the
navigation.jsp . When its execution starts it uses the LDAPManager to perform a wildcard
search for all People objects in the domain. The resulting LDAPObject s are then
added to the request object and forwarded to the named target, which in this case is the previ-
ously listed directory.jsp . The source for LDAPDirectory is in Listing 21.6.
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