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The catalog view layout has three basic parts. The Title Bar shows a simple graphic of the
Sams logo and a hyperlinked image of a shopping cart. This will display a list of the shopping
cart's contents when selected. This Title Bar will be at the top of all of your Views, and it will
be represented by the titlebar.jsp page. Figure 20.2 contains an image of the real contents
of the Title Bar.
F IGURE 20.2
Contents of the Title Bar.
The source for the Title Bar is in Listing 20.3.
<table width=”100%” border=”0”>
<td><img src=”/catalog/images/sams.gif” width=”171” height=”66”></td>
<div align=”center”>
<a href=”/catalog/ListShoppingCart.jsp”>
<img src=”/catalog/images/shopping_cart.gif” border=”0”>
The next section of your catalog layout is the Navigation section, the way that users will
browse your list of movies by category. It will be contained in the navigation.jsp page. This
file contains a list of hard-coded hyperlinks that execute the ListMovies() service method,
which will be defined in the following sections, with the category ID and target of the Movie
List view. Figure 20.3 shows an image of your Navigation.
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