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The session Object
The implicit session object holds a reference to a javax.servlet.http.HttpSession object.
The HttpSession object is used to store objects between client requests. It provides an almost
state-full HTTP interactivity. The session object is initialized by a call to the
pageContext.getSession() method in the generated servlet. The code snippet that initializes
the session is as follows:
session = pageContext.getSession();
An example of using the implicit session object can be found in Listing 15.2.
<%@ page errorPage=”errorpage.jsp” %>
// Try and get the current count from the session
Integer count = (Integer)session.getAttribute(“COUNT”);
// If COUNT is not found, create it and add it to the session
if ( count == null ) {
count = new Integer(1);
session.setAttribute(“COUNT”, count);
else {
count = new Integer(count.intValue() + 1);
session.setAttribute(“COUNT”, count);
out.println(“<b>Hello you have visited this site: “
+ count + “ times.</b>”);
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