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The initializePool() method first loads the JDBC driver. It then creates size number of
Connection objects. For each Connection object created, it creates a PooledConnection
object, passing it the Connection in the constructor. Finally, it adds the newly create
PooledConnection object to the pool.
The PooledConnection object simply wraps a JDBC Connection object in a class that holds
the connection and a flag that determines whether the connection is in use or not. It is listed in
Listing 7.9.
package ConnectionPool;
import java.sql.*;
public class PooledConnection {
// Real JDBC Connection
private Connection connection = null;
// boolean flag used to determine if connection is in use
private boolean inuse = false;
// Constructor that takes the passed in JDBC Connection
// and stores it in the connection attribute.
public PooledConnection(Connection value) {
if ( value != null ) {
connection = value;
// Returns a reference to the JDBC Connection
public Connection getConnection() {
// get the JDBC Connection
return connection;
// Set the status of the PooledConnection.
public void setInUse(boolean value) {
inuse = value;
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