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& 773/935-6100. Tickets $8 for children 2-12, $10 for ages 13
and up. Subway/El: Red or Brown Line to Fullerton.
Lifeline Theatre KidSeries Ages 2 & up. Lifeline Theatre—the grown-up
version—has a faithful following who anticipates its creative stage adaptations of
literary classics such as Jane Eyre. Its KidSeries plays are original adaptations of
favorite children's books, and often include music written especially for them.
These shows, which are presented on Saturday and Sunday afternoons, are great
for even the youngest kids. Recent performances have included Giggle Giggle
Quack, about a farmer who goes on vacation and the duck who takes charge of
the barnyard, and Sophie's Masterpiece, a tale about a spider with hidden artistic
talents. After each performance, actors come out to the lobby to meet kids, give
autographs, and answer questions. The theater is small—100 seats—and is
located in the Rogers Park neighborhood. Look for metered parking on Morse
Avenue or free parking 3 blocks north of the theater at the corner of Glenwood
and Estes avenues in the Trilogy, Inc. lot. 6912 N. Glenwood Ave. & 773/761-4477. Tickets $9. Subway/El: Bus 147 to Sheridan and Arthur; transfer to bus
155 to Glenwood.
Medieval Times Ages 6 & up. Does jousting count as “theater”? This dinner-
and-tournament show features knights competing in games, swordplay, jousting,
and pyrotechnics. Sound familiar? You may have caught the act in the Jim Car-
rey film The Cable Guy. (Naturally, Jim Carrey got a bit too involved in the show,
but in real life, kids shouldn't expect to find themselves wearing armor and rid-
ing horses.) It's pure kitsch, but if you can get off your high horse (so to speak)
you might find yourself sucked in to the “drama.” Besides, kids dig it. Guests dine
on a four-course “medieval” banquet served by staff posing as “serving wenches.”
Performances take place on weekends, and during the holidays, Thursday nights
are sometimes added. 2001 Roselle Rd. at I-90, Schaumburg. & 847/843-3900. Tickets $50
for adults, $36 for children 12 and under. Matinee rates might be available, so call for showtimes
and ticket prices.
4 Concerts
Blue Chicago Ages 8 & up. A blues club for families? Yes, it's true—
from 8pm to midnight on Saturday, the basement of the Blue Chicago store
becomes a venue geared to families, featuring the music of the Gloria Shannon
Blues Band. In fact, “Down in the Basement” is the only venue in Chicago that
offers a regular live blues show for all ages. No alcohol is served and no smok-
ing is allowed.
Blue Chicago pays homage to female blues belters with a strong lineup of the
best women vocalists around. The 1940s-style brick-walled room, decorated
with original artwork of Chicago blues vignettes, is open Monday through Sat-
urday, with music beginning at 9pm. Admission allows you to club-hop between
this venue and a second location, open Tuesday through Sunday, down the street
at 536 N. Clark St. Next door, at 534 N. Clark, is the Blue Chicago Store, which
sells blues-related clothing, merchandise, and artwork. 736 N. Clark St. (between
Chicago Ave. and Superior St.). & 312/642-6261. Tickets $5 for adults,
free for children 12 and under. Subway/El: Red or Brown Line to Chicago.
Chicago Children's Choir Ages 6 & up. Two self-produced concerts are
performed each year, in May and December, by this multiracial, multicultural
choral music education program. Venues change, so call for information. This is
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