HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
Set the typeface of the enclosed text to the
first available font in the comma-separated
list of font names.
face= list
Define a name for this tag that is unique to
this document.
id= name
Specify the language used for this tag's con-
tents using a standard two-character ISO
language name.
lang= language
Set the size to an absolute size, from 1 to 7,
or relative to the <basefont> size, using +n or
-n (required).
size= value
style= style
Specify an inline style for this tag.
title= string
Specify a title for this tag.
<form> ... </form>
Delimit a form.
Specify a list of character sets accepted by
the server processing this form.
accept-charset= list
Specify the URL of the application that pro-
cesses the form (required).
action= url
Specify how the form element values are en-
enctype= encoding
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