HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
Align the applet area to either the top or bot-
tom of the adjacent text, or to the left or
right margin of the page, with subsequent
text flowing around the applet.
align= position
Specify the size, in pixels, of the border
around the applet.
border= n
height= n
Specify the height, in pixels, of the applet.
If present, hide the applet on the page.
Define, in pixels, additional space to be
placed to the left and right of the applet.
hspace= n
name= name
Provide a name for the applet.
In Netscape and Opera, a value of foreground
causes the applet to use the foreground
palette (in Windows only), and background
uses the background palette; with Internet
Explorer and Firefox, provide the foreground
and background colors for the applet, speci-
fied as two color values separated by a pipe
( | ).
palette= value
Supply the URL of the data to be fed to the
src= url
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