HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
Specify the alignment character for text in
these cells.
char= character
Set the offset within the cell at which the
alignment character is placed.
charoff= value
span= n
Define the number of columns in the group.
Set the vertical alignment of text within the
columns to top , middle , or bottom .
valign= position
Set the width, in pixels or as a percentage,
of each column in the group.
width= n
<comment> ...
Place a comment in the document (com-
ments are visible in all other browsers).
Define the definition portion of an element in
a definition list.
<dd> ... </dd>
<del> ... </del>
Delineate a deleted section of a document.
cite= url
Cite a document justifying the deletion.
datetime= date
Specify the date and time of the deletion.
<dfn> ... </dfn>
Format the enclosed text as a definition.
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