HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
Break the current text flow, resuming at the
beginning of the next line.
Specify a style class controlling the appear-
ance of this tag.
class= name
Break the flow and move downward until the
desired margin , either left , right , none , or
all , is clear.
clear= margin
Define a name for this tag that is unique to
this document.
id= name
style= style
Specify an inline style for this tag.
title= string
Specify a title for this tag.
Create a push-button element within a
<form> .
accesskey= char
Define the hot-key character for this button.
Disable the button, preventing the user from
clicking it.
Specify the name of the parameter to be
passed to the forms-processing application if
the input element is selected (required).
name= name
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