HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
Set the number of times to play the audio;
value may be an integer or the value infin-
ite .
loop= value
Provide the URL of the audio file to be
src= url
Format the enclosed text using a bigger
<big> ... </big>
<blink> ... </blink>
Cause the enclosed content to blink.
<blockquote> ...
The enclosed text is a block quotation.
Specify the URL of the source of the quoted
cite= url
Delimit the beginning and end of the docu-
ment body.
<body> ... </body>
Set the color of active hypertext links in the
alink= color
Specify the URL of an image to be tiled in the
document background.
background= url
bgcolor= color
Set the background color of the document.
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