HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
accesskey= char
Define the hot-key character for this area.
Provide alternative text to be displayed by
nongraphical browsers.
alt= string
Specify a comma-separated list of shape-de-
pendent coordinates that define the edge of
this area.
coords= list
Specify the URL of a hyperlink target associ-
ated with this area.
HRef= url
Indicate that no document is associated with
this area; clicking in the area has no effect.
Do not include this area in the tabbing order.
Specify an applet to be run when the mouse
leaves the area.
onblur= applet
Specify an applet to be run when the mouse
enters the area.
onfocus= applet
Define the region's shape to be circ , circle ,
poly , polygon , rect , or rectangle .
shape= shape
Define the position of this area in the docu-
ment's tabbing order.
tabindex= value
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