HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
name= name
Specify the name of a fragment identifier.
Indicate the relationship of this document to
the target.
rel= relationship
Indicate the reverse relationship of the tar-
get to this document.
rev= relationship
Define the region's shape to be circ, circle,
poly, polygon, rect , or rectangle .
shape= shape
Define the position of this anchor in the doc-
ument's tabbing order.
tabindex= value
Define the name of the frame or window to
receive the referenced document.
target= name
Specify the Multipurpose Internet Mail Exten-
sion (MIME) type of the target.
type= type
<abbr> ... </abbr>
The enclosed text is an abbreviation.
<acronym> ...
The enclosed text is an acronym.
<address> ...
The enclosed text is an address.
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