HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
B.2. HTML Quick Reference
We use the alert icon to the far right of each item to indicate tags and
attributes that are extensions to the HTML 4.01 and XHTML 1.0 stand-
ards. We use the Internet Explorer icon to identify those extension
tags and attributes that are unique to Internet Explorer and are not well
supported by the other popular browsers. Even though we include them
in the main text, we have not included here any of the antiquated or ob-
solete elements or attributes that are explicitly not part of the standards
and are no longer supported by any browser.
We include the possible attributes (some required) indented below their
respective tags. In the description, we give possible attribute values as
either a range of integer numbers or a definitive list of options, where
Create a hyperlink anchor ( href attribute) or
fragment identifier ( id attribute).
<a> ... </a>
accesskey= char
Define the hot-key character for this anchor.
Specify the character set used to encode the
charset= encoding
Specify a list of shape-dependent coordin-
coords= list
href= url
Specify the URL of a hyperlink target.
HReflang= language
Specify the language encoding for the target.
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