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If someone clicks a link in frame A, the only thing you can do is update
one of the four frames. Suppose you wanted to update frames B and D
at the same time. The trick is to replace frames B and D with a single
frame, like this:
<frameset cols=2>
<frameset rows=2>
<frame name=A>
<frame name=C>
<frame name=BD>
Aha! Now you have a single target in which to load a single document,
frame BD. The document you load should contain the original frames B
and D in one column, like this:
<frameset cols=2>
<frame name=B>
<frame name=D>
The two frames fill frame BD. When you update frame BD, both frames
are replaced, giving the appearance of two frames being updated at
The drawback to this is that the frames must be adjacent and able to be
grouped into a single document. For most pages, though, this solution
works fairly well.
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