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You define and manage ruby text with a set of elements that provides
grouping and layout control. We'll be blunt: this new feature is so eso-
teric and of so little importance to the vast majority of HTML author-
seven those who would subject themselves to the needless agony of
XHTML 1.1 conformancethat it does not warrant extensive coverage in
this topic. Those who are interested can find a complete discussion of
ruby text at .
For the rest of us, it is sufficient to know that there are a few new ele-
ments in XHTML 1.1 that you would be wise not to use in your own
DTDs, if only to prevent confusion with the XHTML 1.1 DTD. These new
elements are:
Defines a segment of ruby text
Defines the ruby base text
Defines the ruby text associated with the base text
Is used as a "ruby parenthesis" to group related ruby elements
Serves as a ruby base text container to group several base text
Serves as a ruby text container to group several ruby elements
Should you encounter any of these elements in a document, refer to the
aforementioned specification for details on how they are used. In gen-
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