HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
<h1>I'll be red if your browser supports CSS</h1>
Something in between.
<h1>I should be red, too!</h1>
Of course, you can't see red in this black-and-white book, so we won't
show the result in a figure. Believe us, or prove it to yourself by typing
in and loading the example in your browser: the <h1> -enclosed text ap-
pears red on a color screen.
JavaScript is an object-based language. It views your document and the
browser that displays your documents as a collection of parts ("objects")
that have certain properties that you may change or compute. This is
some very powerful stuff, but not something that most authors will want
to handle. Rather, most of us probably will snatch the quick and easy,
yet powerful JavaScript programs that proliferate across the Web and
embed them in our own documents. We will tell you how in Chapter 12 .
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