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tent can be written this way. Thus, an empty paragraph can be written
as <p /> , and an empty table cell can be written as <td /> . This is a
handy way to mark empty table cells.
Clever as it may seem, writing empty tags in this abbreviated way may
confuse HTML browsers. To avoid compatibility problems, you can fool
the HTML browsers by placing a space before the forward slash in an
empty element using the XHTML version of its end tag. For example, use
<br /> , with a space between the br and / , instead of the XHTML equi-
valents <br/> and <br></br> . Table 16-1 contains all of the empty HTML
tags, expressed in their acceptable XHTML (transitional DTD) forms.
Table 16-1. HTML empty tags in XHTML format
<area />
<base />
<basefont />
<br />
<col />
<frame />
<hr />
<img />
<input />
<isindex />
<link />
<meta />
<param />
16.3.4. Case Sensitivity
If you thought getting all those end tags in the right place and cleaning
up the occasional nesting error would make writing XHTML documents
difficult, hold on to your hat. XHTML is case-sensitive for all tag and at-
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