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The name element also contains other elementsa first name, an optional
middle name, and a last nameeach defined in the subsequent DTD lines.
These three elements have no nested tags and contain only parsed char-
acter data; i.e., the actual name of the person.
The remaining address elements are easy, too:
<!ELEMENT street (#PCDATA)>
<!ELEMENT state (#PCDATA)>
<!ATTLIST zip length CDATA "5">
All these elements contain parsed character data. The zip element has
an attribute named length that indicates the length of the zip code. If
the length attribute is not specified, it is set to 5.
15.7.2. Using the Address DTD
Once we have defined our address DTD, we can use it to mark up ad-
dress documents. For example:
<address type="home">
<street>123 Kumquat Way</street>
<zip length="10">27513-1234</zip>
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