HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
Figure 2-6. Frames divide the browser's window into two
or more independent document displays
Frames are defined in a special document, in which you replace the
<body> tag with one or more <frameset> tags that tell the browser how
to divide its main window into discrete frames. Special <frame> tags go
inside the <frameset> tag and point to the documents that go inside the
frames. [ <frameset>, 11.3.1 ]
The individual documents referenced and displayed in the frame docu-
ment window act independently, to a degree; the frame document con-
trols the entire window. You can, however, direct one frame's document
to load new content into another frame. In Figure 2-6 , for example,
selecting a Chapter hyperlink in the Table of Contents frame has the
browser load and display that chapter's contents in the frame on the
right. That way, the table of contents is always available to the user as
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