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ation within XHTML Basic. More, ahem, mature designers may think
back to when they were designing pages in the mid-90s, when creating
content that worked across Netscape Navigator and early versions of In-
ternet Explorer was challenging at best and more likely infuriating. Both
browsers attempted to implement the early HTML standards, but there
were too many variations in the products to make anyone's life easy.
The intent of the mobile-web standard is to create a small set of tags
that work reasonably well across a wide range of devices, from phones
to PDAs to set-top boxes and other devices. The W3C even lists ap-
pliances such as smart refrigerators and washing machines as poten-
tial targets for human interactions through web pages. Good designers
will stay within the intent of the design, using the tags in a reasonable
manner and avoiding tricks and clever coding to implement a particular
page. The resulting content will work well on lots of devices, and the de-
signers will be calmer and happier people.
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