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provide vertical scrolling, allowing content to flow beyond the bottom of
the display, but very few support horizontal scrolling. As a result, con-
tent must be consciously designed to work in a small display with tightly
bounded horizontal space and a limited amount of vertical space.
To make matters worse, the actual display dimensions are different for
almost every device that reaches the market. Unlike desktops, where
designers typically assume 800 x 600 or 1024 x 768 displays, the di-
mensions of a mobile device can range from 128 x 128 on some cellular
phones to 320 x 480 and higher on some PDAs. Cell phones often sport
odd display sizes, such as 176 x 220 or 122 x 96. In general, you can-
not make any assumptions about display size nor should you target a
specific size with your content. This is good design advice for any web
page in any environment!
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