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single and multiline input. You may also insert checkboxes and radio
buttons for single- and multiple-choice selections and special buttons
that work to reset the form or send its contents to the server. Users
fill out the form at their leisure, perhaps after reading the rest of the
document, and click a special send button that makes the browser send
the form's data to the server. A special server-side program you provide
then processes the form and responds accordingly, perhaps by request-
ing more information from the user, modifying subsequent documents
the server sends to the user, and so on. [ <form>, 9.2 ]
Forms provide everything you might expect of an automated form, in-
cluding input area labels, integrated contents for instructions, default
input values, and so onexcept automatic input verification, such as to
check for the correct number of digits in a zip code or phone number,
for instance; your server-side program or client-side JavaScripts need
to perform that function.
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