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plays each item in the list preceded by an ascending number. [ <ol>,
7.2.1 ]
Definition lists are slightly more complicated than unordered and
ordered lists. Within a definition list's enclosing <dl> and </dl> tags,
each list item has two parts, each with a special tag: a short name or
title, contained within a <dt> tag, followed by its corresponding value
or definition, denoted by the <dd> tag (XHTML includes respective end
tags). When the tags are rendered, the browser usually puts the item
name on a separate line (although not indented), and the definition,
which may include several paragraphs, indented below it. [ <dl>, 7.5.1 ]
The various types of lists may contain nearly any type of content nor-
mally allowed in the body of the document. So you can organize your
collection of digitized family photographs into an ordered list, for ex-
ample, or put them into a definition list complete with text annotations.
The markup language standards even let you put lists inside of lists
(nesting), opening up a wealth of interesting combinations.
2.9.2. Searchable Documents and Forms
The original type of user interaction provided by early versions of HTML
still available today, though deprecated in the standards, is an <isin-
dex> -based searchable document. The browser provides some way for
the user to type one or more words into a text input box and to pass
those keywords to a related processing application on the server. [*] Ob-
viously, searchable documents are very, very limitedone per document
and only one user-input element. Fortunately, HTML and XHTML provide
better, more extensive support for collecting user input through forms .
[ <isindex>, 6.6.1 ] [ <form>, 9.2 ]
[*] Few authors have used the tag, apparently. The <isindex> tag has been "deprecated" in HTML
version 4.0sent out to pasture, so to speak, but not yet laid to rest.
You can create one or more special form sections in your document,
bounded with the <form> and </form> tags. Inside the form, you may
put predefined as well as customized text-input boxes allowing for both
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