HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
color = 'blue';
fontWeight = 'bold';
leftMargin = '20%';
You can apply similar styles to diverse tags just as easily:
with (tags.P, tags.LI, tags.H1) {
fontSize = '14pt';
color = 'blue';
fontWeight = 'bold';
leftMargin = '20%';
} Defining style classes
Like CSS, JSS lets you target styles for specific ways that a tag can be
used in your document. JSS uses the classes property to define separ-
ate styles for the same tag. There are no predefined properties within
the classes property; instead, any property you reference is defined as
a class to be used by the current document. For example:
classes.bold.P.fontWeight = 'bold';
with (classes.abstract.P) {
leftMargin = '20pt';
rightMargin = '20pt';
fontStyle = 'italic';
textAlign = 'justify';
The first style defines a class of the <p> tag named bold whose font
weight is set to bold. The next style uses the with statement to create
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