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12.3.6. The <server> Tag
The <server> tag is a strange beast. The web server processes it and the
browser never sees it, so what you can do with this tag depends on the
server you are using, not on the reader's browser.
Netscape's web servers, for example (not to be confused with their
browser), use the <server> tag to let you place JavaScript statements
within a document that the server processes. The results of the ex-
ecuted JavaScript are then inserted into the document, replacing the
<server> tag. A complete discussion of this so-called "server-side"
JavaScript is completely beyond this topic; we include this brief referen-
ce only to document the <server> tag.
Like the <script> tag, the <server> tag contains JavaScript code.
However, the latter tag and content code must appear inside the docu-
ment <head> . The server extracts it from the document and executes it
when the document is requested for download.
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