HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
Figure 2-4. An inline image specially aligned with the top
of the text
Experienced HTML authors use images not only as supporting illustra-
tions, but also as quite small inline characters or glyphs, added to aid
browsing readers' eyes and to highlight sections of the documents. Vet-
eran HTML authors [*] commonly add custom list bullets or more distinct-
ive section dividers than the conventional horizontal rules. Images, too,
may be included in a hyperlink so that users may select an inline thumb-
nail sketch to download a full-screen image. The possibilities with inline
images are endless.
[*] XHTML is too new to call anyone a veteran or experienced XHTML author.
We also should mention the alt attribute. Give it some text value that
explains the image display for those who have disabled image display,
or for browsers that may be able to read to the disabled user.
2.8.2. Image Maps
Image maps are images within an anchor with a special attribute: they
may contain more than one hyperlink.
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