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This attribute is useful for audio streams placed within documents. The
HTML entry:
<embed src=music.wav hidden autostart=true loop=true>
embeds an audio object in the page. The browser does not show any-
thing to the user, but rather plays background music for the page. By
contrast, the plug-in associated with:
<embed src=music.wav>
might present an audio control panel to users so that they can start and
stop the audio playback, adjust the volume, and so forth. The name attribute
Like other name attributes, this one lets you label the embedded object
for later reference by other elements in your document, including other
objects. The value of the name attribute is a character string. The palette attribute
Netscape and Internet Explorer support the palette attribute, but in
completely different ways. With Netscape, the value of the palette at-
tribute is either foreground or background , indicating which palette of win-
dow system colors the plug-in uses for its display.
With Internet Explorer, the value of palette is a pair of hexadecimal col-
or values, separated by a vertical bar. The first value determines the
foreground color used by the plug-in; the second sets the background
color. Thus, specifying this palette :
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