HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
Inserts an application into the current text
align , alt , archive , class , code , codebase ,
height , hspace , id , mayscript , name , object ,
style , title , vspace , width
End tag
</applet> ; never omitted
Used in
Most applets require one or more parameters that you supply in the doc-
ument to control their execution. Put these parameters between the <ap-
plet> tag and its corresponding </applet> end tag, using the <param> tag.
The browser will pass the document-specific parameters to the applet at
the time of execution. [ <param>, 12.2.2 ]
The <applet> tag has been deprecated in the HTML 4 and XHTML stand-
ards in deference to the generalized <object> tag, which can do the same
as <applet> and much more. Nonetheless, <applet> is a popular tag and
remains supported by the popular browsers.
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