HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information The dir and lang attributes
Use the dir and lang attributes, like their counterparts for most other
tags, to specify the language and dialect of the <object> -enclosed con-
tents as well as the direction by which the browser adds text characters
to the display. [ The dir attribute, ] [ The lang attribute, ] Object event handling
As user-initiated mouse and keyboard events occur within the object,
you may want to perform special actions. Accordingly, you can use
the 10 standard event attributes to catch these events and execute
JavaScript code. We describe JavaScript event handlers more fully
shortly in section 12.3.3 . Supporting incompatible browsers
Because some browsers may not support applets or the <object> tag,
sometimes you may need to tell readers what they are missing. You do
this by including body content between the <object> and </object> tags.
Browsers that support the <object> tags ignore the extraneous content
inside. Of course, browsers that don't support objects don't recognize
the <object> tags. Being generally tolerant of apparent mistakes,
browsers usually ignore the unrecognized tags and blithely go on to dis-
play whatever content appears inside. It's as simple as that. The follow-
ing fragment tells object-incapable browser users that they won't see
our clock example:
<object classid=clock.class>
If your browser were capable of handling applets, you'd see
a nifty clock right here!
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