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<area coords="0,50,49,99" href="main.html#link3" />
<area coords="50,50,99,99" href="main.html#link4" />
You also may take advantage of all the attributes associated with the
hyperlink, <map> , and <area> tags to define and arrange the image-map
regions. For instance, we recommend that you include alternative ( alt
attribute) text descriptions for each sensitive region of the image map. The standby attribute
The standby attribute lets you display a messagethe attribute's value
text stringduring the time the browser is downloading the object data. If
your objects are large or if you expect slow network responses add this
attribute as a courtesy to your users. The tabindex and notab attributes
For Internet Explorer with ActiveX objects only, the notab attribute ex-
cludes the object from the document tabbing order.
As an alternative to the mouse, users also may press the Tab key to
select and the Return or Enter key to activate a hyperlink or to access
a form control, and browsers may provide other mechanisms to select
content. Normally, each time the user moves to the next objectby press-
ing the Tab key, for examplethe browser steps to the next hyperlink
or form control in the order in which they appear in the document. To
change that order, use the HTML 4/XHTML standard tabindex attribute
and an integer value to indicate the object's position in the sequence of
selectable elements on the page.
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