HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
target attribute in the <base> tag in a document's head (see the
next section, 11.7.3 ).
This target causes the document to be loaded into the parent win-
dow or frameset containing the frame containing the reference. If
the reference is in a window or top-level frame, it is equivalent to
the target _self .
A brief example may help clarify how this hyperlink target works.
Consider a link in a frame that is part of a three-column frameset.
This frameset, in turn, is a row in the top-level frameset being
displayed in the browser window. Figure 11-8 shows this arrange-
If no target is specified for the hyperlink, it is loaded into the con-
taining frame. If a target of _parent is specified, the document is
loaded into the area occupied by the three-column frameset con-
taining the frame that contains the link.
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