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The first time the user selects one of the table-of-contents hyperlinks
the browser opens a new window, labels it view_window , and displays the
desired document's contents inside it. If the user selects another hy-
perlink from the table of contents and the view_window is still open, the
browser again loads the selected document into that window, replacing
the previous document.
Throughout the whole process, the window containing the table of con-
tents is accessible to the user. By clicking on a hyperlink in one window,
the user causes the contents of the other window to change.
Instead of opening an entirely new browser window, a more common
use of target is to direct hyperlink contents to one or more frames in a
<frameset> display or to an inline <iframe> window. You might place the
table of contents into one frame of a two-frame document and use the
adjacent frame to display the selected documents:
<frameset cols="150,*">
<frame src="toc.html">
<frame src="pref.html" name="view_frame">
When the browser initially displays the two frames, the left frame con-
tains the table of contents, and the right frame contains the Preface (see
Figure 11-6 ).
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