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...other document content... <iframe src="sidebar.html" width=75 height=200 align
Your browser does not support inline frames. To view this
<a href="sidebar.html">document</a> correctly, you need
to install a more recent browser on your computer.
</iframe> ...subsequent document content...
In this example, we let the user know that she was accessing an unsup-
ported feature and provided a link to the missing content. The align attribute
Like the deprecated align attribute for the <table> and <img> tags, this
inline frame attribute lets you control where the frame gets placed in
line with the adjacent text or moved to the edge of the document, al-
lowing text to flow around the frame.
For inline alignment, use top , middle , or bottom as the value of this attrib-
ute. The browser aligns the frame with the top, middle, or bottom of the
adjacent text, respectively. To allow text to flow around the inline frame,
use the left or right values for this attribute. The frame is moved to
the left or right edge of the text flow, respectively, and the remaining
content of the document is flowed around the frame. A value of center
places the inline frame in the middle of the display, with text flowing
above and below. The height and width attributes
The popular browsers put the contents of an inline frame into a pre-
defined, 150-pixel-tall, 300-pixel-wide box. Use the height and width at-
tributes with values as the number of pixels to change those dimen-
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