HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
11.6. Inline Frames
To this point, our discussion has centered on frames that are defined as
part of a frameset. A frameset, in turn, replaces the conventional <body>
of a document and supplies content to the user via its contained frames.
The HTML 4 and XHTML standards let you do things a bit differently: you
can also define a frame that exists within a conventional document, dis-
played as part of that document's text flow. These frames behave a lot
like inline images, which is why they are known as inline frames .
All the popular browsers support inline frames.
11.6.1. The <iframe> Tag
Define an inline frame with the <iframe> tag. The <iframe> tag is not used
within a <frameset> tag. Instead, it appears anywhere in your document
that an <img> tag might appear. The <iframe> tag defines a rectangular
region within the document in which the browser displays a separate doc-
ument, including scroll bars and borders.
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