HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
Function Defines a single frame in a <frameset>
bordercolor , class , frameborder , id ,
longdesc , marginheight , marginwidth , name ,
noresize , scrolling , src , style , title
End tag
</frame> ; rarely included in HTML
Contains Nothing
Used in
Browsers place the frame contents into the frameset column by column,
from left to right, and then row by row, from top to bottom. Accordingly,
the sequence and number of <frame> tags inside the <frameset> tag are
The browser displays empty frames for <frame> tags that do not have
src attributes. It also displays empty frames if the <frameset> tag calls
for more frames than the corresponding <frame> tags defineif your frame
document calls for three columns and you provide only two frames, for
example. Orphan frames remain empty, and you cannot put content into
them later, even if they have a target name or id for display redirection.
[ The name and id attributes, ]
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