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11.2. Frame Tags
You need to know only two tags in order to create a frame document:
<frameset> and <frame> . In addition, the HTML 4 and XHTML standards
provide the <iframe> tag, which you may use to create inline, or floating ,
frames, and the <noframes> tag to handle browsers that cannot handle
A frameset is simply the collection of frames that make up the browser's
window. Column- and row-definition attributes for the <frameset> tag let
you define the number of and initial sizes for the columns and rows of
frames. The <frame> tag defines which documentHTML or otherwiseini-
tially goes into the frame within those framesets and is where you may
give the frame a name to use for document hyperlinks.
Here is the HTML source we used to generate Figure 11-1 :
<title>Frames Layout</title>
<frameset rows="60%,*" cols="65%,20%,*">
<frame src="frame1.html">
<frame src="frame2.html">
<frame src="frame3.html" name="fill_me">
<frame scrolling=yes src="frame4.html">
<frame src="frame5.html">
<frame src="frame6.html" id="test">
Sorry, this document can be viewed only with a
frames-capable browser.
<a href = "frame1.html">Take this link</a>
to the first HTML document in the set.
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