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<table border= cellspacing=0 cellpadding=5 rules=groups>
<caption align=bottom>Kumquat versus a poked eye, by gender</caption>
<colgroup span=2>
<colgroup span=2>
<td colspan=2 rowspan=2>
<th colspan=2 align=center>Preference
<th>Eating Kumquats
<th>Poke In The Eye
<tr align=center>
<th rowspan=4>Gender
<th>Males under 18
<tr align=center>
<th>Males over 18
<tr align=center>
<th>Females under 18
<tr align=center>
<th>Females over 18
<td colspan=4 align=center>
Note: eye pokes did not result in permanent injury
The results are shown in Figure 10-8 . All we added were the two <col-
group> tags; the additional borders were drawn by the rules=groups at-
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