HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
<colgroup width="20%">
<colgroup width="10%">
You can use both methods in the same table. For instance, we could
specify our example column groupings, complete with width attributes:
<colgroup span=4 width="20%" align=right>
<colgroup width="10%">
<col align=left>
<col align=right>
Notice that this lets us align the contents of the two columns of the
second group individually (the default alignment is centered). The other <colgroup> attributes
The many attributes common to tables control the familiar aspects of
each column in the <colgroup> -encapsulated column group. These at-
tributes accept the same values and behave exactly like the equivalent
attributes for the <td> tag.
10.3.8. The <col> tag
Use the <col> tag to control the appearance of one or more columns
within a column group.
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