HTML and CSS Reference
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The result is shown in Figure 10-7 . Notice the Gender column? Netscape
versions 4 and earlier placed it to the left and centered between the
Males and Females rows, as you might expect. However, the HTML 4 and
XHTML standards explicitly disallow spanning <tbody> sections so that
the compliant browsers all display the example with just up to four rows
in the table, separated into two groups. You could create any number of
groups within the table by adding more <tbody> tags.
Figure 10-7. Multiple <tbody> segments further divide a
table, but you cannot span across them
10.3.6. Defining Column Groups
The basic table model is row centric. Sometimes, though, it is easier to
deal with your table as a collection of columns. Using the <colgroup> and
<col> tags, HTML 4 and XHTML, as originally implemented by Internet
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