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align attribute to left or right respectively left-justifies or right-justifies
the caption text against the horizontal edge at the top of the table. With
Netscape and Firefox, the caption text gets placed next to and at the top
of the left or right side of the table, respectively.
Internet Explorer additionally supports the valign attribute with top or
bottom values for <caption> . In combination with align , you place the
caption text aligned at any of the four corners of the table, but not along
either side. The other browsers ignore valign .
For example, Figure 10-4 demonstrates how Internet Explorer displays
the following caption at the bottom of the table and left-justified, where-
as Firefox, because it ignores valign and interprets left alignment differ-
ently, places the caption against the left side of the table ( Figure 10-5 ):
Figure 10-4. Combining Internet Explorer's align and
valign <caption> attributes lets you place the text at any
of the table's four corners as well as centered top or
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