HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
2.5.3. Multimedia
What about images and other multimedia elements we see and hear as
part of our web browser displays? Aren't they part of the HTML docu-
ment? No. The data that comprises digital images, movies, sounds, and
other multimedia elements that may be included in the browser display
is in files separate from the main HTML/XHTML document. You include
references to those multimedia elements via special tags. The browser
uses those references to load and integrate other types of documents
with your text.
We didn't include any special multimedia references in the previous ex-
ample simply because they are separate, nontext documents that you
can't just type into a text processor. We do, however, talk about and
give examples of how to integrate images and other multimedia in your
documents later in this chapter, as well as in extensive detail in subse-
quent chapters.
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