HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
Function Groups related elements within a form
class , dir , id , lang , onClick , onDblClick ,
onKeyDown , onKeyPress , onKeyUp , onMouseDown ,
onMouseMove , onMouseOut , onMouseOver ,
onMouseUp , style , title
End tag
</fieldset> ; never omitted
Used in
When a group of form elements are placed within a <fieldset> tag, the
browser may display them in a special manner. This might include a spe-
cial border, 3D effects, or even creating a subform to handle the ele-
ments. The <legend> tag
Use the <legend> tag to create a label for a fieldset in a form. The
tag may appear only inside a <fieldset> . As with <label> , the <legend>
contents are to be specially treated by the HTML 4/XHTML-compliant
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