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Internet Explorer to jump-select the tag with the accesskey="f" attrib-
ute, in Netscape this key combination opens the File pull-down menu.
Also note that the accesskey option not only jumps to but also selects the
associated form element. So, for instance, if you associate an accesskey
with a radio button, by pressing the access-key combination, the user
display not only shifts focus to that radio button but also selects it, as
though the user had clicked the mouse on that element. The same goes
for all action form elements: jump and select.
9.9.6. The disabled and readonly Attributes
The HTML 4 and XHTML standards let you define but otherwise disable a
form control simply by inserting the disabled attribute within the tag. A
disabled form control appears in the display but cannot be accessed via
the Tab key or otherwise selected with the mouse. Its parameters are
not passed to the server when the user submits the form.
Browsers can change the appearance of disabled elements and alter any
labels associated with them. The popular browsers gray out disabled ra-
dio and submit buttons, as in the following HTML fragment (also shown
in Figure 9-8 ):
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