HTML and CSS Reference
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Function Creates single- and multiple-choice menus
class , dir , disabled , id , lang , multiple , name ,
notab , onBlur , onChange , onClick ,
onDblClick , onFocus , onKeyDown , onKeyPress ,
onKeyUp , onMouseDown , onMouseMove , onMouseOut ,
onMouseOver , onMouseUp , size , style , tabindex ,
, title
</select> ; never omitted
End tag
Used in
As with other form tags, the name attribute is required and used by the
browser when submitting the <select> choices to the server. Unlike with
radio buttons, no item is preselected, so if the user doesn't select one,
the browser doesn't send any value to the server with the submitted
Otherwise, the browser submits the selected item with the name attribute
value when submitting <select> form data to the server.
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